5 Types of Social Media You Should Avoid

5 Types of Social Media You Should Avoid

As can be understood from the title of our article, with the concept of social media gaining a prominent position day by day, many different features and oddities have started to emerge. First of all, we would like to address the limitations in the general operation of social media. As a matter of fact, the development of technology day by day and the fact that we are as indispensable as bread and water have been made possible by the internet and social media platforms. So much so that not only for the sake of socialization, but also for the current platforms to turn into the trade market with excellent advertisements, causing the current internet operation to undergo changes.

As a matter of fact, the number of companies that make profits only by marketing activities through social media is increasing day by day. In particular, a concept called social media expertise has emerged; Now many important companies have started to direct all their activities in line with the directives of this expert. In addition to all these, we can say that there are different types of social media in social media.

In particular, avoiding these types may be much more positive for you. As the name suggests, this channel has the opportunity to communicate with thousands of people at the same time, organize social organizations and turn many other activities into a fast functionality. However, at times, this situation can cause other problems. For this reason, we have evaluated 5 types of social media that you should avoid .

5 types of social media you should avoid

First of all, we can place the types who insist on game and like invitations in the top row. As a matter of fact, although we give indirect warnings to these types even on our own wall, the current requests are never interrupted. For this reason, try to stay away from those who send game requests on social media as much as possible. As the second type, we can put the followers who are pursuing a career.

Social media type pursuing career:

These types usually aim to create a career plan for themselves in line with the communication they provide through social media. Especially those who communicate with many important personalities, bosses, company owners, editors and similar people on social media as friends can make things really difficult after a while. For this reason, it is beneficial to avoid it.

Complainant and Threatening Social Media Type:

These individuals generally voice their complaints loudly on social media in case of any service disruption or brand problems. Of course, it would be wrong to judge this situation all the time. However, sometimes the same person's constant opposition will taste bad.


The concept of saving the homeland with the keyboard has now become very routine in our country. Many of the current political tensions and military conflicts feature heroic cries in time tunnels. Stay away from these types of social media.

Marketer Social Media Type:

They are social media types of marketers who try to sell something by establishing a friendly communication with you.